I use WordPress when building websites. Your website will be fast, flexible, secure, and have a fully mobile responsive framework that allows your site to rank on search engines and start creating a flow of incoming traffic. Your website will run its own analytics and send them to you in a monthly report so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your site.

Trust Based Pricing

A Unique Pricing Structure & Creation Process

As my client you control the end price of your website. You decide what you pay based on how you like the website I create. This removes any stress about the end product matching a preconceived concept, and provides both of us greater flexibility and creativity throughout the process. I have used this pricing structure since 2013, and my clients love it.

We begin by meeting to discuss your website. This helps us know if we are a good fit and want to work together. Afterwards I prepare a proposal with the written specifics of the project’s scope, a price range, and milestones with deadlines so you’ll know when to expect every part of your site to be completed. When you decide you like the proposal I get to work. We will be in frequent contact to ensure everything progresses well.

  1. You request free estimate through my website.
  2. We set up a time to chat, in person or online, so I can get a clearer idea of your needs.
  3. I will send you a detailed estimate with milestones and a price range.
  4. You accept the estimate and send a deposit.
  5. We exchange images, content, and information.
  6. I get to work and send regular progress updates.
  7. We finish the project, you approve and send final payment within the price range.
  8. We deliver the completed project, with all files and passwords included.


My Commitment To You:

You love your website!

Your website working flawlessly

Giving you more than you think you are paying for.


Meet all deadlines that we set.


You owning your website 100%

You will be able to update and manage your website if you want to

Always responding to you within 24hrs.

When you work with me you are making a friend. So shoot me a message so we can meet and discuss working together.