I tried to write a book… years later I tried to write a blog… months later I planned to write just a short story… now weeks later I resign to write a wee story. Enjoy, as I play with words :)

The creatures began swirling into existence as we started moving. The journey was dangerous but one I had to make nearly everyday. The thick forms clung to the sides of the bus, their coats of white hair making them look like harmless puff balls. As the vehicle accelerated their fur whipped about and they made a quiet whistling sound in anticipation. They moved quickly all over the vehicle and never seemed to be still even when I would find one peering in at me it seemed to be dancing on the glass searching for a gap to slip through.

As we approached each stop the creatures would jump off one by one into the trees and bushes along the road. But they would watch and jump from branch to branch causing the trees to sway and the leaves to rustle. More kids would get on the bus and we would brave the next few miles till another stop.

Each time we left the safety of a stop. The monsters where back again. Some swirling into existence and others jumping from the trees causing branches to sway. One girl on the bus had her window open a crack and all the kids around it looked scared and bundled up in their jackets to protect themselves from the creatures that worked extra hard at getting their paws in and whipping them around causing gusts of wind that tore at the girls hair. Each time it seemed that a creature had worked its way in far enough to just about reach we would come to another stop and the thing would worm its way back out in a panic and leap into the trees. When we stared again another creature would repeat the process.

By the time we reached the highway the creatures all over the car where in a frenzy. The bus driver called over the radio to close all the windows tight. The girl closed her window and all the monsters cry where muffled.  But as accelerate faster and faster more and more monster started swirling out of nowhere or leaping from the trees. As always the white fur on the creatures whipped and some of them began to howl. When we merged onto the highway the creatures outside where making such a fuss the, noise of them and the engine nearly drowned out everything else.

On the highway the creatures scratched and climbed all over vehicles the vehicles traveling. They jumped from car to the next looking for a way into them, hungry for some food. Each time a faster and larger vehicle passed our slow moving bus soo many of the white creatures would jump from the truck that the bus would rock and swerve slightly. One time as we passed a truck that had stopped on the side of the road I saw so many of the things jump from our bus to the stopped vehicle that it rocked from the blow. They probably are going to eat that man, I hope the creatures cant get inside his car before the police get there.

I was so pre occupied thinking about the man in his car and how he might fight the monsters that I didn’t notice we where approaching the bottom of the canyon. When we drove up the other side we would be at the school and safe until the journey home but at the bottom of the canyon their where– The whole bus swerved hard and the bus driver wrestled with the steering wheel as the body of a huge beast of a monster rolled off the side of the bus. Here at the bottom of the canyon where where the big guys slept. The bus was moving to fast so the monster that had jumped from inside the canyon couldn’t hold on. The bus driver laughed and smiled nervously in the mirror so the kids would see him and be reassured. But he held onto the the steering wheel tightly now until where where up the other side and pulled into the school. All the monsters jumped from the bus and into the trees and bushes.

As I stepped out of the bus I looked up and saw the creatures they where hungry, I could see that but they would just have to wait till after school, until then I would watch them rustling, the trees, bushed and the grass. Their fir making the rustling noise that so many foolishly attributed to the wind.