Hi! My name is Zackary Joseph Taylor and in my story, it goes like this:

Each morning I wake in anticipation of the events that follow my empowered life. I live an energy rich life and experience it to the fullest. I know myself and love the desires of my heart and am confident in them. I am wise and radiant in my thoughts. I am a just and noble king. I write all the time and love the stories I bring to life. I capture the beauty of all Gods creations with my art. He is pleased with the great works I create. He provides me with kind, compassionate, strong and loving council that I am grateful for. I follow my Father in Heavens example in the raising of my children. I am an example of consistent honesty and kindness, always listening and caring for the needs of others. My children look to me as a noble and steadfastness father, and they come closer to God because of it.

I know my God. I am familiar with His every trait, attribute, and perfection, at least as is possible in this life. I know his will and plan for me and am empowered to live in accordance with this light. I am able be where the Lord needs me because I am free in body and mind. There is nothing more magnificent than the communication of light and knowledge that I receive from Father. I am in constant touch with Father, He loves me regardless of my base imperfections. I enjoy line upon line, precept upon precept in my personal mentoring with God. The comfort and peace I receive from heaven because of my ever-increasing faith, carry me forward through the trails and tribulations of this life. I am known for my optimism and joy about the simple things. I create order and self sustainability in my wake.

I know Aubrey. With her I am learning to love as our parents in heaven love. Because we understand and appreciate beauty, our romance is passionate, playful, intense, and sensual. We make love all the time. We valiantly lead in obedience to the visions, commandments and personal visits from our God. Aubrey has no dream dates, only next dates. We are connesures of excellent food, and marvel at the splended art of flavor and the skill of great chefs. We communicate with each other openly. Together we make our decisions and support each other one hundred percent in completing them. We are equal and all of our success is shared. We have a spirit of service, and no project given to us by God is too big. I have and income exceeding $15,000 a month and it is automatic.

I know my family. We recognize our accomplishments and express humble gratitude daily and sacrifice in remembrance of these gifts. I inspire order in our well-kept kingdom. I strive to create a heaven on earth. The discipline that this striving has developed brings a level of health that allows for greater excellence and happiness. The flow of energy that moves through our family provides for our every desire and need. I spend lots of time with my family and we go on many far out adventures in our pirate ship on wheels. We love and cherish one another. We support each other in studying the gospel and having greater faith in Jesus Christ. We share our thoughts and inspirations with each other often and are all edified by the lovely spirit in our home.

We travel to India to educate the underprivileged and ride elephants. In Scotland we teach the healing power of essential oils, tour castles, and roll down hills. In Ireland we begin a movement of positive thinkers. In South Africa we build wells and live with the tribal people. In Israel we walk where Jesus walked. We plant community gardens in Australia with the Aborigines. While in Kenya we teach about health and nutrition and go on many safaris where we pet lions. In England we teach the power of slaying dragons from personal experience and have tea and biscuits with the locals. We climb Mt. Everest while in Nepal to build orphanages. We climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with a big youth group after building many sustainable water sources for the natives of Tanzania. We harvest frankincense in Somalia and help provide work for Somalians to create a safe living environment. In New Zealand we swim with dolphins, camp with the Maori, and watch an All Blacks rugby game. We travel the North American continent teaching people how to add more vitamins and minerals to their food and eat the plants of the earth. We hike through the Amazon and fish with the Indigenous people of Brazil and learn about their natural medicine. In China we hike the great wall and learn martial arts from the masters in the mountain temples. We evoke feelings of freedom and teach people to thrive in abundance everywhere.

My parents and brothers and sisters meet often and are always in touch. We are moving in the same direction and none are left behind. I love my fathers wisdom and the council he has given is invaluable. We work together and share all things in common. Our love has multiplied as we have rid ourselves of pride and serve unconditionally. We remember our heritage and the blessing the righteousness and efforts of those who went before have brought us and are grateful. I create opportunities for the elderly to tell their stories.

I am sought after as a great mentor, edutainer and awesome person. I have helped many people find greater success. My mentoring skills are refined and I use them all the time. My courage and integrity invite others to open their hearts and minds to greater faith in Jesus Christ. I receive elegantly, and serve generously in gratitude. I add energy to other peoples lives!

I have an epic sound system that enhances the music playing from my laptop that inspires my art and writing. I write daily and love the energy that flows to the page. The stories I create come to life in the minds of all those who read them and incite them to act and tchange their story for the better. My stories convey truth and people are astounded by their depth. I am a New York Times best selling author and have helped others get here with me. I find such joy and thank God for His help in the success of my writing. My books help people grow in more ways than they can know, and God has taught me how to do this.

I am buff. I weight 180 pounds now and none of it is fat. I have had so much funn learning how to break dance and pushing my body to reach new limits. I know their is nothing I cannot do. I run the Spartan Race with Max and have caught up to his ever increasing pace. We run it in under one hour forty minutes and the obstacles are easy because of the parkour and ninja training we do. I run 10 miles often and keep my body flexible. I have learned quite a bit of the Yoga that Aubrey is a master at now and we have lots of fun with that. I am a Wing Chun student and practice everyday with my dummy

I promote an energy rich life. I see God regularly and travel with angels and heroes. I have the faith, and true miracles occur around me often. I am preparing the way for the return of Christ and am spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally  ready  for  his  glorious  coming.